Calendar of Events

2017 Three Part Classic Training

Florida **NOTE: New Encore dates and location
1/30-2/2/17 Gathering (Fruitland Park, FL)
8/4-8/6/17 Grand Reunion (Kansas City)
1/5-1/7/18 ** Encore (Winter Park, FL)
Kansas (Wichita, KS)
6/26-6/29/17 Gathering
8/4-8/6/17 Grand Reunion (Kansas City)
1/26-1/28/18 Encore
Illinois (Springfield, IL)
7/10-7/13/17 Gathering
11/10-11/12/17 Encore
8/3-8/5/18 Grand Reunion (location tba)
Grads  Grand Reunion
8/4-8/6/17 Kansas City, KS

2016 Three Part Classic Training

6/27-6/30/16 Gathering Buffalo, MN
2/10-2/12/17 Encore Collegeville, MN
8/4-8/6/17 Grand Reunion (Kansas City, KS)


6/9-6/10/17 More Than Giving–Curtis/Meador Donaldson, IN
9/15-9/16/17 More Than Giving–Curtis/Meador Buffalo, MN
9/18-9/19/17 Theology of the Body–  Kleinig Waukesha, WI


5/3-5/4/17 Reformation: The Pastoral Theologies of CFW Walther and Wm. Loehe– Harrison/Pless Wichita, KS
5/8 -5/9/17 Reformation: Preaching, Teaching, Reaching, Caring – Wittenberg Style– Kolb Schuyler, NE
9/25-9/26/17 Demons & the Ministry of Deliverance– Kleinig/Ristau Springfield, IL