Engaging Our Culture Faithfully

Senkbeil, Harold L. “Engaging Our Culture Faithfully.” Concordia Journal. 40.1 (2014): 292-314. Seventeen years ago, I delivered a set of Reformation lectures on Luther and the Fanatics, tracing that theme from the tumultuous years of the Reformation to the era of Pietism and the influence of American Evangelicalism on twentieth-century Lutherans. In my first lecture […]

Writing or Unwitting Ritualists?

Kleinig, John W. “Witting or Unwitting Ritualists?” Lutheran Theological Journal. 22.1 (1988): 13-22. We are all ritualists. We may find that hard to believe, because Lutherans don’t usually rate ritual very highly. Like many of our contemporaries, we tend to associate ritual with hocus-pocus, superstition, and magic. At best, ritual is used by Roman Catholics and […]

The Worship of God and the Mission of God

Kleinig, John W. “The Worship of God and the Mission of God.” Luther Seminary. Adelaide, Australia. 1999. The worship of God and the mission of God belong closely together. For me, their connection is developed most clearly in the great Sunday vision of St John in Revelation 4 and 5. In this vision, God shows […]

The Mystery of Doxology

Kleinig, John W. “The Mystery of Doxology.” In Paul T. McCain and John R. Stephenson, Mysteria Dei. Essays in Honor of Kurt Marquart. Concordia Theological Seminary Press: Fort Wayne, 129-47. One of the most puzzling features of early Christian worship is the sudden appearance of doxologies in the liturgy of the church. Hymns of praise were sung […]