Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Senkbeil, Harold L. Sleep in Heavenly Peace Modern Reformation Article.(2004,November/December)6. Will you catch it this year? That illusive feeling called “the Christmas spirit?” Usually it’s brought on by healthy doses of the familiar trappings of the season: twinkling lights on Christmas trees, gaily wrapped packages, strains of familiar carols. These all bring on annual waves of nostalgia, […]

The Kindled Heart: Luther on Meditation

Kleinig, John W. The Kindled Heart: Luther on Meditation Lutheran Theological Journal.20.2&3.(1986) 142-154. It is easy to underestimate the importance of meditation for Luther. As a novice, he was initiated formally into its theory, and he became steeped in its practice in the monastery. Through meditation, Luther finally resolved the acute spiritual problem which had driven him […]

The Cross and Personal Piety

Senkbeil, Harold L. The Cross and Personal Piety (2003, May 26). If you pay attention to what’s hot and what’s not these days, you’re no doubt aware that crosses are definitely hot. Time was when you’d be hard pressed to find a cross anywhere besides most churches and some Christian homes, but now crosses seem to be […]

Meditatio: On the Making of a Pastor

Senkbeil, Harold L. Meditatio: On the Making of a Pastor Luther’s famous dictum regarding the making of a theologian has a certain allure for contemporary ears, fascinated as we are by sound bites and slogans. Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio – short, concise, and onomatopoetic. The Latin language, widely and diligently studied by countless generations of schoolboys and […]

What I learned on Wednesday

Schave, Steve. What I Learned on Wednesdays (2010, September 15). For the last three years, I have spent my Wednesday afternoons with a retired pastor who moved to the area near my church. He was not a shut-in, merely someone I visited who really enjoyed having lively conversations with me. He was a man small of stature, […]

Ministry and Ordination

Kleinig, John W. Ministry and Ordination Lutheran Theological Journal 36.1(2002):25-37. The Lutheran Church of Australia has been engaged in discussion on whether women may be ordained into the office of the public ministry. This question, however, presupposes that there is agreement on two even more basic theological issues. It assumes that there is such an office of […]


Herbert, George. Aaron The Works of George Herbert in Prose and Verse. New York. John Wurtele Lovell. 1881.276-277. George Herbert, poet and pastor, describes the conflicted convictions of every pastor who takes his own sins seriously, but the holiness that Christ bestows even more seriously.

Stewardship as Pastoral Care in the Era of Covid-19

Meador, Nathan. – Stewardship as Pastoral Care in the Era of Covid-19 There isn’t a person in this world that has not been impacted by this pandemic. Like every aspect ofsociety, the Church has been drastically impacted by this outbreak. Just a couple of weeks ago, somecongregations felt the strain of being encouraged not to shake […]