Prayer for Cleansing and Healing

Senkbeil, Harold L. Prayer for Cleansing and Healing. Introduction: (the pastor teaches the theology and practice of lament and intercession before God,outlining the function of each component in the rite)…

Pastoral Letter on Porn

Kleinig, John W. Pastoral Letter on Porn. The regular use of pornography for masturbation is a kind of sexual addiction. When Paul speaks about impurity and sexual greed as idolatry in Ephesians 5:3-7 and Colossians 3:5, he accurately describes how it works. It begins with sexual impurity, the defilement of our imagination by depictions of sexual […]

More Light ,Less Heat on Sanctification and the Third Use: A Baptismal Virtue Ethics Proposal

Woodford, Lucas V. More Light, Less Heat on Sanctification and the Third Use: A Baptismal Virtue Ethics Proposal  LOGIA Eastertide, 2018. Adiaphora, Antinomianism, & Legalism. Volume XVII #2 There remains a lack of agreement about sanctification throughout larger Christianity today. This is not all that surprising, of course. However, such disagreement is also found within the […]

Sharing in God’s Holiness

Kleinig, John W. Sharing in God’s Holiness. General Pastors Conference of the Lutheran Church of Australia. Melbourne. 1984. We come upon a rather amazing claim in Hebrews 12:10. There the writer of the epistle says that we Christians are to share in God’s holiness. Indeed, he claims that our heavenly Father who has made us his […]

Pastoring by Blessing

Kleinig, John W. Pastoring by Blessing. Australian Lutheran College Inaugural Lecture. February 2, 2009. St Paul knew that he was a bearer of blessing, the full blessing of Christ. So when he wrote his letter to announce his impending visit to Rome, he made this audacious claim: ‘I know that when I come to you, I […]

Pastor, Psalms, and Day by day Life; Visitation, Sickbed, and Deathbed

Senkbeil, Harold L. Pastor, Psalms, and Day by Day Life: Visitation, Sickbed, and Deathbed. Good Shepherd Institute. Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, Indiana. 2002 It is especially fitting that the Good Shepherd Institute should devote an annual conference to Psalms in the Life of the Church. For in these divinely-revealed songs Christ our Lord, the Good Shepherd […]

The Ministry of the Spirit

Kleinig, John W. The Ministry of the Spirit. Lutheran Theological Journal 36.1 (2002): 25-37 The Lutheran Church of Australia has been engaged in discussion on whether women may be ordained into the office of the public ministry. This question, however, presupposes that there is agreement on two even more basic theological issues. It assumes that there […]

Luther’s Care of Souls for Our Time

Slenczka, Reinhard Luther’s Care of Souls for Our Time. Concordia Theological Quarterly. 67.1 (2003 January): 33-64.  Over 450 years have passed since the death of Martin Luther (February 18,1546). All Protestant churches should be grateful for the work of the Reformer, but especially those churches that-against his express will-call themselves “Lutheran.” However, do we, as Lutherans […]

Living with a Clear Conscience

Kleinig, John W. Living with a Clear Conscience. Even though Christian spirituality has to do with a way of life, it is not just a religious philosophy of life that helps us to understand our place in God’s world, nor is it just a religious code of behaviour that maps out how best to live the […]

Individual Confession: Personalized Forgiveness

Senkbeil, Harold L. Individual Confession: Personalized Forgiveness. We say it regularly in church: “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Christian Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.” Notice how the forgiveness of sins is at the heart of the Holy Spirit’s work in […]