Bible Study on Prayer – Dr. John W. Kleinig

September 9, 2018Elm Grove Ev. Lutheran Church, Elm Grove, WI.

Hymn Festival: “Let Praises Ring”

(October 18, 2015)Paul Soulek, organist (St. John Lutheran Church, Seward, NE)Harold L. Senkbeil, CommentatorAbbey of the Hills, Marvin, South Dakota

The Church’s Voice – President Matthew Harrison

This opening greeting from the President of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod sets the tone for our conference: the church’s voice can and must be heard for the sake of faithful Christian witness in our time. Religious liberty on issues relating to human life and sexuality is under attack and those who dare to […]

Marriage and Sexuality: A Reasoned Defense – Sherif Girgis

Christianity teaches that marriage unites a man and woman, permanently and exclusively, in a sexual union fulfilled by family life. How can we explain the beauty of this teaching by appealing to reason and the moral law written on the hearts of non- Christians as well as Christians? How does reinforcing this vision for all […]

The Art of Conversation: Talking About Hot-Button Issues in Truth and Love – Sherif Girgis

Many people today feel alienated by traditional moral visions. They may find our ideals on sex, marriage, and other social issues arbitrary, outdated, offensive, or worse. Conversations devolve into shouting matches. Passions flare. Minds aren’t changed, and hearts are closed. How can we best share our principles on these critical moral issues? How can we […]

Why get married? Six models for Marriage – Rev. Dr. John Kleinig

As marriage is belittled and redefined in western cultures, this lecture equips Christians to speak confidently and joyfully regarding the Christian vision for marriage as it explores the six historic understandings of marriage: social, romantic, experimental, personal, ecological and Christian.

Faith and the Halls of Power: Marriage, Family, and Religious Liberty – Timothy Goeglein

This topic explores the relationship between what happens in the public square and its actual impact far beyond Washington D.C. as well as effective ways Christians can let their voice be heard in halls of power. Exactly 50 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson launched his WAR ON POVERTY in the same year that former United […]

Speaking Up: Be Heard in the Din – Deaconess Pam Nielsen

In today’s toxic soup of hard and soft-core porn, sexual titillation and innuendo in media and entertainment, it’s hard for Christians to even gain a hearing. Learn how to identify rhetorical triggers that prevent communication, boldly model and effectively defend Christian morality in a world that has lost its bearings, and speak the truth in […]

The Beauty of Chastity: Reclaiming Sexual Virtue – Rev. Dr. John Kleinig

Chastity was once prized as something good and beautiful not only in the church, but in the world at large as well. Yet in recent times it has been belittled and treated with contempt because it is so often understood negatively in terms of frigid sexual abstinence and self-righteous denial of sexual enjoyment. This presentation […]

Finding Our Voice: Sex, Marriage, and Christian Vision

National INSIGHT Conference  Highlights, August 12-13, 2015