An international group of gifted theologians and laity with a love for the pastoral office has been invited to serve DOXOLOGY in an advisory capacity.

Rev. Jon Ehlers
Chairman, Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE), Petts Wood, England

Dr. Arthur A. Just, Jr.
Professor and Chairman of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Theological Seminary (LCMS) Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dr. John W. Kleinig
Professor Emeritus, Australian Lutheran College (LCA),  Adelaide, SA, Australia

Dr. Rick Marrs
Associate Professor and Director of M.Div. and Alternate Route Program, Concordia Seminary (LCMS) St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. James Arne Nestingen
Professor Emeritus of Church History, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN.

Dr. Andrew Pfeiffer
Professor and Head of the School of Pastoral Theology, Australian Lutheran College (LCA),  Adelaide, SA, Australia

Dr. Stephen Pietsch
Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Field Education Coordinater, Australian Lutheran College (LCA)  Adelaide, SA, Australia

Dr. Klaus Detlev Schulz
Chairman, Pastoral Ministry and Missions Department, Dean of Graduate Studies, Concordia Theological Seminary (LCMS) Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto
Former religion editor at United Press International, Founder and Emeritus Director of the Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life (CLTPL) and League of Faithful Masks (LFM),  Capistrano Beach, California

Dr. Wilhelm Torgerson
Emeritus Pastor,  Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK);  Former Professor, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (LCC)  St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada;  Assistant Pastor, First Lutheran Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Right Rev. Janis Vanags, Archbishop of Riga
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (LELB)

Dr. Wilhelm Weber
Director, International Lutheran Center, Old Latin School, Wittenberg, Germany – International Lutheran Center of Wittenberg (ILCW)


Doxology provides a safe environment for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual and emotional health and assists them to review and enhance their professional competencies and skills as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred mysteries.

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