Part I: The Gathering

The first event in the series, “The Gathering,” invites pastors to meet in a restful retreat setting from a Monday evening until mid-afternoon on a Thursday. The specific objectives of The Gathering are listed below. Participating pastors will be renewed through:

  • Immersion in a worshiping community as the heart of the program’s experience through the praying of the Daily Office.
  • Affirmation of pastoral vocation, reflection and refreshment for ongoing pastoral work by exploring the essential habits and practice of the classic care of souls and the application of Christian counseling concepts.
  • Enhancement of personal skills through didactic and discussion models to sharpen professional competencies essential to the art of counsel and care.
  • Cultivation of essential tools and strategies for responding to the burgeoning personal needs of today’s parishioners.
  • Developing peer groups of pastors to sharpen skills in  addressing matters of congregational casuistry from the perspective of shepherding souls.
  • Creation of ongoing mentoring and coaching relationships between participants and consulting theologians and/or psychologists.
  • Provision for facilitated conversations among pastor participants for interpersonal support and encouragement (the mutual conversation and consolation of brothers).
  • Renewal of personal pastoral habits in prayer, meditation and ongoing pastoral growth.
  • Consultation, help and healing for emotional and/or spiritual concerns.

A video explaining our Classic Program

Our curriculum modules and outcomes

Part II: The Encore

Typically within four to six months after “The Gathering,” the pastors return for the second part of the program experience, “The Encore,” bringing with them at least one officer or lay leader from their parish (pastors may bring additional lay leaders at cost). “The Encore,” meeting Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, addresses the following goals:

  • Pastor and laity are immersed into a community where worship punctuates the day and night; the Word is preached, prayers are prayed and hymns are sung. The rhythm of worship provides laity with a renewed appreciation for the riches of the church’s sacred music and liturgical heritage.
  • Pastors and lay leaders will review new servanthood models and people skills to equip them to respond with confidence to very real parish challenges.
  • Pastors review progress toward the personal and pastoral goals they established at The Gathering.
  • Structured conversation and unstructured time together enhance relationships between pastor and parishioners.
  • Lay leaders grow in their appreciation for God’s gifts in His Gospel and Sacrament and their pastor’s ministry for the cure of souls.
  • Didactic and interactive modules assist parish leaders to serve their pastor and congregation with new insight and dedication.
  • Work groups, comprising pastors and laity from different congregations will be created to think Biblically and imaginatively about the church’s evangelistic outreach locally and globally.
  • Peer and mentoring relationships among pastors who have already attended “The Gathering” will be renewed.
  • A video giving an overview of the Encore is here.

Part III: The Grand Reunion

Once each year, the pastors enrolled in the classic program convene for the “Reunion.”   The Reunion weekend is the special opportunity for the pastor to invite his spouse to the training program.  Wives in attendance network with other women who share the unique blessings and challenges of living out their marriages in the context of parsonage life.
This event allows clergy to hear presentations on pastoral work from some of the finest theologians and practitioners in the area of spiritual care and will allow for a fast-paced and intensive review of their training in the earlier portions of the program. The Grand Reunion is held annually the first full weekend in August.

Like each of DOXOLOGY’s events, The Reunion is an occasion filled with worship, conversation, and ongoing opportunities for personal reflection and mutual encouragement in a variety of formal and informal settings. The Reunion devotes more time to relaxation and enjoyment while continuing to build ongoing peer and mentoring relationships, providing pastors with additional instruction and additional opportunities for mutual encouragement and meaningful professional interaction.

Graduates of the program and their wives are invited to attend subsequent annual Grand Reunions at cost, space permitting.

The 2024 Classic DOXOLOGY Difference  printable resource 

Renewing Pastors and Congregations Since 2008

2024 Classic series tuition is:   $2500  (early registration discount is $200 if registered before 12/15/2023)

· $100 of the above fee is to be paid by the pastor

A Church’s Payment of Registration Fees:

The classic DOXOLOGY program is a professional continuing education program that provides important benefits for three essential categories of people involved in your congregation’s life and work:

1)   your pastor
2)   your lay leadership
3)   your pastor’s wife

As a result of your congregation’s enrollment in this experience, you can anticipate the same renewed sense of mission and purpose that more than seven hundred other churches have discovered to date.  Pastors and laity both report invigorated joy and greater collaborative, intentional dedication to the task our Savior has given to His church.  Pastor’s wives find important encouragement and support for their crucial role in their homes and congregations.

Recent research documents that the majority of pastors completing the program experience significant gains in: 1) joy and fulfillment in ministry; 2) establishing effective personal and pastoral boundaries3) working relationship with congregation’s leadership; 4) pastoral effectiveness; 5) healthy marriage and family life. 

Therefore enrollment fees are not normal “line item” expenditures in a church’s budget. Instead, this is an investment in the life and wellbeing of the congregation.  Thanks to generous funding partners, we are able to offer this first class training experience for less than half of its actual cost.  Fees can be paid 1) in full at the time of registration; or 2) sequentially in three payments spread over two fiscal years.

In case of special financial need, contact us to discuss additional grant funding.

Once you have determined your preferred method of payment, your church is enrolled in the DOXOLOGY program, giving you access to one full cycle of three separate training events that comprise the full program.  Ordinarily this cycle is completed within 12 to 18 months.

Gatherings typically begin Monday afternoons @3:30 p.m.  Encores often begin Friday @3:00 p.m.  All events conclude by 3:30 p.m.


2024 Three Part Classic Series

Indiana(Donaldson, IN)
8/2-8/4/2024Grand Reunion (Kansas City, KS)
GradsGrand Reunions
8/2-8/4/2024(Kansas City, KS)
8/1-8/3/2025(location TBA)

The 2024 Grand Reunion will be held in Kansas City, KS on August 2-4, 2024.  Classic groups attending include: 2023 Ohio and 2024 Indiana.

The 2025 Grand Reunion will be held at a “tba” location on August 1-3, 2025.


Doxology provides a safe environment for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual and emotional health and assists them to review and enhance their professional competencies and skills as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred mysteries.

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