Speaking Up: Christian Confession in an Age of Sexual Confusion

A DOXOLOGY seminar with Dr. Ryan T. Anderson and Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford on Saturday, August 27, 2021 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa. There is wide spread confusion in American culture regarding sex, marriage and gender which greatly complicates Christian life and witness. This Seminar prepares Christians to advocate confidently, purposefully and positively for […]

Caring for Souls in an Age of Sexual Confusion

Pastors’ Seminar, Friday 27 August A+D 2021 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Davenport, IA Presenter: Rev. Dr. Lucas V. Woodford Rev. Lucas V. Woodford, MDiv, STM, DMin is President of the Minnesota South District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and the Associate Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Farmington, MN. Pastor Woodford is the author […]

Grand Reunion 2012

Dr. Meuge tackles the complex problem of Post-Christian Christianity with a multi-dimensional approach that confronts the root of the problem rather than the symptoms. This approach deals with the will, intellect, and imagination of a person, specifically of those coming from the modern and post-modern worldview, with the goal of restoring the idea that Christianity […]

Deliver Us From Evil: Spiritual Warfare in Lutheran Perspective

SPOTLIGHT on Ministry Conference, 9/10 October 2012, Waukesha, Wisconsin Dr. John W. Kleinig — Adelaide, Australia

Grand Reunion 2011

Featuring lectures from Dr. John Kleinig: The Family Altar, Access to the Father’s Grace: Finding Help for Ourselves and Others, Rejoicing in God’s Law: On Preaching the Decalogue Positively, Enacting God’s Word in the Divine Service, The Cleansing Blood

Grand Reunion 2010

Featuring lectures from Dr. John Kleinig: The Lost Art of Meditation, Daily Sanctification, Called to Be Thanks-givers and Praise-Singers, Spiritual Empowerment for Unashamed Ministry, Dealing with Spiritual Abuse

Grand Reunion 2009

Featuring lectures from Dr. John Kleinig: The Mystery of Christ, Headship and Subordination, Dealing with Anger, Spiritual Warfare, The Use of Blessing in Pastoral Care