SPOTLIGHT on Ministry Conference,
9/10 October 2012,
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Dr. John W. Kleinig — Adelaide, Australia

In this introduction, Dr. Kleinig presents the call to Christ’s militia and gives the challenges of battle with the devil, his works, and his ways.
The vision of the battle of Revelation 12 and Christ’s own battle with the unclean gives the framework for spiritual battle, as illustrated by examples from Dr. Kleinig’s ministry in Australia.
Jesus has authority over the devil and his demons and confers this authority first to his disciples and then to the church.
The New Testament defines the devil’s strategies, works, and ways that we would recognize them and not fall into temptation, suffer under his false accusations and condemnation or undermine the ministry of the Gospel.
Christ’s ministry is to deliver us from darkness by the light, from sin and impurity, desecration of holiness, and spiritual defilement.
The spiritual battle depends on the spiritual resources given by the Holy Spirit in Word, baptism, confession & absolution, and the blood of Jesus.
Despite our modern psychological dismissal, the New Testament records many demonic experiences and deliverance from them through the ministry of Jesus and the Apostles.
Deliverance from demons was experienced and taught by Luther and the reformers. The catechisms include the ministry from the devil as a theme, including the rebuke of the unclean spirit in Luther’s baptism rite.


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