Through the Shadowlands: A Handbook on Dying, Funerals, and the Care of the Grieving

Senkbeil, Harold L. Through the Shadowlands: A Handbook on Dying, Funerals, and the Care of the Grieving Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. These familiar words of Psalm 23 chart the direction for a Christian family facing the reality of death. Here God identifies our […]

Why Are You Weeping? An Exegetical and Ontological Remark on John 20:13&15

Schulz, Gregory P. Why Are You Weeping? An exegetical and ontological remark on John 20:13 &15. “Why are you weeping?” (John 20:13 & 15). First, the angels asked her. Then, Jesus asked Mary the very same question. Why? Well, it was the morning of that first Easter, after all! We know that the question was part […]

Against Heterosexuality

Hannon, Michael Against Heterosexuality First Things, March 2014. “Gender” and “orientation” in biblical perspective. Alasdair MacIntyre once quipped that “facts, like telescopes and wigs for gentlemen, were a seventeenth-century invention.” Something similar can be said about sexual orientation: Heterosexuals, like typewriters and urinals (also, obviously, for gentlemen), were an invention of the 1860s. Contrary to our cultural […]

What About Porn?

Senkbeil, Harold L. What About Porn? Lutheran Witness, 2015. First, pornography feeds fantasy. It encourages men (and many women too) to think of sex abstractly, thus denigrating God’s good and perfect gift of sexuality. God made our first parents male and female, and from their sexual union came all humanity. Ever since He brought Eve from Adam’s […]

Pastoral Care and Sex

Senkbeil, Harold L., Pastoral Care and Sex Concordia Theological Quarterly, July/October 2015, 79:3-4, 329-345. In the utter confusion that reigns supreme in our culture regarding sexuality and marriage, it is tempting for pastors to put on other hats in order to address the chaos. And capable historians, psychologists, and sociologists certainly have much to contribute in matters […]

How do You Know Whether you are a Man or a Woman?

Stiegemeyer, Scott E., How do You Know Whether you are a Man or a Woman? Concordia Theological Quarterly, January/April 2015, 79:1-2, 19-48. The transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner in 2015 has brought the issue of gender identity into the lives of almost every American. How will Christians respond? Well, we have already begun to think […]

The Theology of Forgiveness and Its Enactment

Kleinig, John W. The Theology of Forgiveness and Its Enactment. Taskforce on the Practice of Forgiveness in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). December 4, 2008. Jesus, the Son of God, was sent by His Father to take away the sins of the world (Matt 1:21; John 1:29) and to speak His Father’s word of pardon […]

Studies on Homosexuality

Kleinig, John W. Studies on Homosexuality. St Paul’s Lutheran Church. Glenelg. June 2005. Presentation.

Saving Blood Prayer

Anonymous. Saving Blood Prayer. Prayer composed by an abused person, used with her permission shared via Dr. John W. Kleinig, November, 2011.  A very long time ago, Father, I was frantically searching for the “gate.” It was a gate that would somehow set me free from the darkness and lead me into the green pastures. At […]

Holiness and the Cure of Souls

Senkbeil, Harold L. Holiness and the Cure of Souls. LOGIA Eastertide, 2018. Adiaphora, Antinomianism, & Legalism. Volume XVII #2 While justification always remains the central article of the Christian faith, pastoral work is carried out routinely in the realm of sanctification. That is, the preaching of the cross always remains at the center. This—and this alone—constitutes the […]