Anonymous. Saving Blood Prayer. Prayer composed by an abused person, used with her permission shared via Dr. John W. Kleinig, November, 2011. 

A very long time ago, Father, I was frantically searching for the “gate.” It was a gate that would somehow set me free from the darkness and lead me into the green pastures. At a given time you had my pastor show me that your altar was that gate for me. From that time on it has always been special to me. It has been the place where I could always be certain that you were there and you were listening to me; the place where I could feel certain that you welcomed me with open arms; the place where you feed me with the most special nourishment, the body and blood of Christ; the place where I can come to cry, to weep, to pray, to receive, to be healed, to be forgiven, to be loved and cared for. It is the most special place with the most special sustenance. And you have always provided me access to an altar, as you did last night…


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