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Each Seelsorger features articles by DOXOLOGY’s Collegium Fellows and by special guests. There are also reviews of insightful resources on the care and cure of souls.

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Seelsorger, Volume 9 (Summer 2024)

Volume 9 offers a variety of insights on pastoral care.

  • Essay 1: How to Be Better Examples during Theological Conflict: Ethos, Pathos, and Unity between Word and Deed. This essay is a helpful guide on how pastors might better disagree with brothers. By Rev. Samuel Bobby
  • Essay 2: Lifting the Rudder: Listening as an Art in Pastoral Care Planning. This essay is a wise encouragement on the use of silence and listening in pastoral care. By Rev. David Kahle
  • Essay 3: Invoking the Divine Call. This essay is a careful reflection on when (and when not) a pastor might invoke his Divine Call. By Rev. Timothy Koch
  • Essay 4: The Pastor: An Essential Worker for Soul and Body. This essay is a deep dive on the importance of visiting souls and how the pastor’s work heals the soul and the body. By Rev. Christopher Maronde
  • Essay 5: A Focused (and Fun) Way to Pray: Acrostic Prayer for the Pastor and His People. This essay is a down- to-earth helpful guide on employing acrostic prayers when teaching and promoting prayer. By Rev. Dr. Philip Penhallegon

The Pastoral Epistles: A feature providing sample pastoral letters along with running commentary on the writing and spiritual guidance therein.

  • A letter written to a man whose health is rapidly declining.
  • A letter written to a woman whose relationship with her pastor is severely strained.

Feature: DOXOLOGY after Fifteen Years. By Rev. Harold Senkbeil

First Things Essay Reprint: Lessons from the Lutheran Tradition for 2024.
By Carl Trueman

Pencil Sketch: Based on Matthew 9:2By Mrs. Theresa Meier

Book Reviews

  • Ancient Wisdom for the Care of Souls by Coleman Ford and Shawn Wilhite. Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Chad Kendall
  • Church Music: For the Care of Souls by Phillip Magness. Reviewed by Bethany Johnson
  • Church Music: For the Care of Souls by Phillip Magness. Reviewed by Pr. Nick Swan
  • Evangelism: For the Care of Souls by Sean McGever. Reviewed by Rev. Timothy Koch
  • Three volumes of FatCat: For All God’s Children Series
  • by Harold Senkbeil and Ben Myers. Reviewed by Dr. Kim Marxhausen
  • How Should We Then Die? by Ewan Goligher. Reviewed by Rev. Timothy Rynearson
  • Life in the Negative World by Aaron Renn. Reviewed by Rev. Jonathan Buescher
  • The Nicene Creed: An Introduction
  • by Phillip Cary. Reviewed by Rev. Dr. William Weinrich
  • A Quiet Mind to Suffer With by John Bryant. Reviewed Essay by Rev. Dr. Dennis Matyas
  • Sculptor Spirit by Leopoldo Sanchez.
  • Reviewed by Rev. Jonathan Rusnak
  • London Writings: The Spiritual and Theological Journal of Johann Hamann translated by John Kleinig. Reviewed by Rev. Matthew Huckel
  • Spiritual Warfare: For the Care of Souls by Harold Ristau. Reviewed by Rev. Timothy Pauls

Seelsorger volume 8 (summer 2023) is a topical issue focusing on the intersection of cohabitation and pastoral care.

Some highlights from Seelsorger Volume 8 (2023):

  • Rev. Harold L. Senkbeil Excursus on Sex as Christian Confession. 
  • Rev. Samuel Bobby Rhetoric and Vision: Indispensable Aids in Pastoral Care for Cohabiting Couples
  • Rev. Thomas Brown From Perverted to Predicable: Why Cohabitation Became so Normal and What the Church Can Do about It
  • Rev. Timothy Koch Inherited Sin: Serving the Cohabiting Couples You Inherit
  • Lyman Stone Demographic Trends and Insights regarding Cohabitation in North America Today
  • Dr. Beverly Yahnke By the Numbers (on cohabitation)
  • Dr. Gene Edward Veith Marriage and Culture
  • Rev. Kyle James Fittje Cohabitation and Reception of Holy Communion–An Appeal for Evangelical Discipline
  • Book Reviews
  • Review Essay I Married You by Walter Trobisch. Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Joel P. Meyer
  • Pastoral Epistles Pastoral Care Letters with evaluation

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