Collegium Papers

DOXOLOGY Collegium Papers

Collegium Medallion

The medallion presented to each of the DOXOLOGY Fellows upon induction into the Collegium is inscribed with emblems of the gospel and the sacraments, which comprise the Lutheran confession of the pastoral office (Augsburg Confession V) Encircling these emblems is the Vulgate version of Acts 20:28:  regere ecclesiam Dei quam adquisivit sanguine suo “feed the church of God which he has purchased with his own blood.”

Each Fellow in the Collegium annually prepares an original research paper on one aspect of the pastoral care of souls which is first discussed within the Collegium, then revised and expanded for publication. Through its Collegium, DOXOLOGY seeks to enhance and expand the body of faithful literature on the theology and practice of the care of souls and make it available to Christian pastors around the world.

The DOXOLOGY Collegium Fellows

Rev. Tyler Arnold
Christ Lutheran Church, Platte Woods, MO
Pastoral Visitation: Reflections on Paul’s Work and Wisdom for the Church Today

Rev. Mark Barz
Crown of Life Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX
“…You Came to Me:”  The Care of the Soul of a Prisoner and a Prisoner’s Family

Rev. David Fleming
Our Savior Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, MI
 Soul Care for the Children of Broken Homes

Rev. Timothy Pauls
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Boise, ID
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford
Zion Lutheran Church and School, Mayer, MN
Holy God, Holy Things, Holy People: Pastoral Care in Proximity to God’s Holiness

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO
The Cross and the Crosses: Pastor as Partner in Tribulation

Rev. Matthew Wurm
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Brookings, SD
Gender Identity: a Lutheran Pastoral Approach