Calendar of Events

2019 Three Part Classic Series

Idaho (Boise, ID)
11/22-11/24/19 Encore
Indiana (Donaldson, IN)
11/4-11/7/19 Gathering
2/7-2/9/20 Encore
7/31-8/2/20 Grand Reunion (location tba)

2020 Three Part Classic Series

Nebraska (Schuyler, NE)
6/8-6/11/2020 Gathering
7/31-8/2/2020 Grand Reunion (location tba)
11/20-11/22/2020 Encore
Texas (Austin, TX)
7/13-7/16/2020 Gathering
1/29-1/31/2021 Encore
7/30-8/1/2021 Grand Reunion (location tba)
Grads Grand Reunion
7/31-8/1/2020 (location tba)


More Than Giving Rev. Heath Curtis and Rev. Dr. Nathan Meador
12/6-12/7/19 Toledo, OH


Has American Christianity Failed Rev. C. Bryan Wolfmueller
9/21/19 Davenport, IA
Cultivating Generosity Dr. John Kleinig and Dr. Scott Bruzek
9/30/19 Fort Wayne, IN
10/3/19 Maple Grove, MN
Mission Among the Ruins Dr. Anthony Esolen
10/9/19 Elm Grove. WI