DOXOLOGY Anniversary Conference
Concordia University, Wisconsin
November 17-18, 2023

In a post-Christian world, the intersection of Christian sexuality and contemporary culture requires well-informed and vital discussion. This conference, Courageous Conversations: Christian Responses to the Cultural Wreckage of Sexuality, will examine how Christians can effectively understand, affirm, and lead a life of faithful sexuality in the face of an increasingly hostile sexual revolution culture. Biblical and Natural Law perspectives will be offered, equipping Christians to confidently address modern misconceptions and challenges with colleagues, family, and friends.

Dr. Brian German, Assistant Professor of Theology at CUW, will present through Song of Solomon God’s beautiful design of human sexuality. Renowned author and speaker Dr. Ryan T. Anderson will demonstrate through natural law the necessity of male-female marriage and the cultural challenges that face us so that we might be better equipped to speak truth courageously and winsomely in these gray and latter days. Dr. Beverly Yahnke, DOXOLOGY’s Executive Director for Christian Counsel, will address what we need to know to respond knowledgeably to assist children who are considering becoming transgender. Pastor Matthew Wurm, a DOXOLOGY Collegium Fellow, will speak from his experience meeting with and providing care to the families of LGBT souls. Dr. Beverly Yahnke will equip attendees with communication and interpersonal insights for engaging in difficult conversations with family, friends, and congregants.

1. Friday Vespers — Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
2. Dr. Brian German — The Song of Songs
3. Dr. Ryan T. Anderson — Making the Case for Man-Woman Marriage
4. Dr. Ryan T. Anderson — Beyond Religious Liberty Being Heard Today
5. Saturday Matins — Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
6. Dr. Beverly Yahnke — Caring for the Transgender Child
7. Rev. Matthew Wurm — Care for Families with LGBT Members
8. Dr. Beverly Yahnke — GPS Essentials for Travel through Demanding Conversations


Doxology provides a safe environment for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual and emotional health and assists them to review and enhance their professional competencies and skills as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred mysteries.

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