Below is a listing of DOXOLOGY’s lectures and videos from our Insight – August, 2015 – St. Louis, MO. “Finding Our Voice”.

1. The Church’s Voice – Pres. Matt Harrison

2. Marriage and Sexuality: A Reasoned Defense – Sherif Girgis

Mr. Girgis first illustrates how the marriage tradition in western society is built on common sense and natural law and then demonstrates how to defend this view on rational grounds in a discussion with those who hold revisionist views. The real issue is not “marriage equality” but “what is marriage?”

3. The Art of Conversation – Sherif Girgis

5. Sexual Fidelity – Alvin Schmidt

6. Faith and the Halls of Power: Marriage, Family, and Religious Liberty – Timothy S. Goeglein

7. From Generation to Generation – Dr. Lucas Woodford

In this lecture Dr. Lucas Woodford first demonstrates how Christian sexual virtue is rooted in the biblical narrative of God’s creation in Genesis and the redemption He accomplished in Christ, bringing meaning and direction to a world that has lost its story. Second, he explores how this narrative shapes and orders family life and the catechesis and training of church and school.

8. Speaking Up: Be Heard in the Din – Pamela Nielsen

9. The Beauty of Chastity: Reclaiming Sexual Virtue – Dr. John Kleinig


Doxology provides a safe environment for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual and emotional health and assists them to review and enhance their professional competencies and skills as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred mysteries.

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