A DOXOLOGY seminar with Dr. Ryan T. Anderson and Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford on Saturday, August 27, 2021 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa.

There is wide spread confusion in American culture regarding sex, marriage and gender which greatly complicates Christian life and witness. This Seminar prepares Christians to advocate confidently, purposefully and positively for the biblical vision of human sexuality within their families and in the public square not merely on religious freedom grounds, but as a matter of common sense, compassion and human flourishing.

Session 1: Dr. Ryan Anderson. Making the Case for Man-Woman Marriage
Session 2: Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Responding to the Transgender Moment
Session 3: Dr. Ryan T. Anderson. Beyond Religious Liberty: Being Heard Today
Session 4: Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford. Promoting Sexual Virtue and Biblical Identity from Generation to Generation.
Session 5: Round Table Discussion. Dr. Beverly Yahnke, Dr. Ryan Anderson, Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford
Opening Prayer
Closing Prayer


Doxology provides a safe environment for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual and emotional health and assists them to review and enhance their professional competencies and skills as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred mysteries.

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