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The DOXOLOGY Difference   printable resource 

Renewing Pastors and Congregations Since 2008


  • A comprehensive experience of advanced pastoral training offers new skills for pastors to provide transformational spiritual care.
  • Ten days of intensive instruction and peer learning spread over three conference retreats.
  • Up to five hours of individual consultation and mentoring to enrich pastors’ personal and professional growth.

 How will it benefit our congregation?

  • Skilled pastors are effective pastors.
  • Congregations benefit as pastors are better equipped to provide care for struggling people.
  • Congregations experience greater unity and an increased desire to care for one another.
  • Lay leaders and pastors review together how Christ grows His Church on earth.

How does it assist our church leaders?

  • Dedicated laity are vital for a vibrant parish.
  • Your lay leaders are invited to join your pastor for a weekend of instruction, conversation, and problem-solving.
  • DOXOLOGY deepens partnerships between leaders and pastor in service to our Lord and His church.

How does it benefit our pastor and his wife?

  • The annual DOXOLOGY “Grand Reunion” convenes clergy couples for a weekend of training, conversation, and networking.
  • Pastors and wives are strengthened and encouraged in their unique vocations.
  • The dividends for your congregation are immediate and long lasting.

Any research about the program’s benefits?

  • Analysis of data shows that pastors have never learned so much about pastoral care since their days at seminary!
  • Pastors report greater joy and fulfillment in their ministry, despite great challenges.
  • Pastors report increased skills for relational ministry and greater pastoral effectiveness.

What does the cost cover?

  • 10 days of meals/lodging and tuition for pastor
  • 3 days of meals/lodging and tuition for one lay leader
  • 3 days of meals/lodging and tuition for pastor’s wife

Due to generous gifts from the LC-MS, as well as other funding partners and foundations, 2019 enrollments will be heavily subsidized by matching grants

2019 series registration fee due:  $2100

(Cost to congregation: $2000 + Cost to pastor: $100)

Early bird discount is $300 – Early Bird Discount will be available through November 30, 2018

A church’s payment of registration fees:

The classic DOXOLOGY program is a professional continuing education program that provides important benefits for three essential categories of people involved in your congregation’s life and work:

1)   your pastor

2)   your lay leadership

3)   your pastor’s wife

As a result of your congregation’s enrollment in this experience, you can anticipate the same renewed sense of mission and purpose that more than seven hundred other churches have discovered to date.  Pastors and laity both report invigorated joy and greater collaborative, intentional dedication to the task our Savior has given to His church.  Pastor’s wives find important encouragement and support for their crucial role in their homes and congregations.

Recent research documents that the majority of pastors completing the program experience significant gains in: 1) joy and fulfillment in ministry; 2) establishing effective personal and pastoral boundaries; 3) working relationship with congregation’s leadership; 4) pastoral effectiveness; 5) healthy marriage and family life. 

Therefore enrollment fees are not normal “line item” expenditures in a church’s budget. Instead, this is an investment in the life and wellbeing of the congregation.  Thanks to generous funding partners, we are able to offer this first class training experience for less than half of its actual cost.  Fees can be paid 1) in full at the time of registration; or 2) sequentially in three payments spread over two fiscal years.

In case of special financial need, contact us to discuss additional grant funding.

Once you have determined your preferred method of payment, your church is enrolled in the DOXOLOGY program, giving you access to one full cycle of three separate training events that comprise the full program.  Ordinarily this cycle is completed within 12 to 18 months.

Gatherings begin Monday afternoons @4:00 p.m.  Encores begin Friday @3:00 p.m.  All events conclude at 3:00 p.m.

Idaho (Boise, ID)
6/10-6/13/19 Gathering
8/2-8/4/19 Grand Reunion (Kansas City, KS)
11/22-11/24/19 Encore
Indiana (Donaldson, IN)
11/4-11/7/19 Gathering
2/7-2/9/20 Encore
7/31-8/2/20 Grand Reunion (location tba)
Grads Grand Reunion
8/2-8/4/19 Kansas City, KS

The 2019 Grand Reunion
 will be held in Kansas City, KS on August 2-4, 2019. Groups attending include:  2018 Wisconsin and 2019 Idaho. 

The 2020 Grand Reunion will be held in a location tba July 31-August 2, 2020.  Groups attending include: 2019 Indiana and a “to be named” 2020 group.