Iwand, Hans Joachim.  The Theology of the Cross Beinruder Konvent.Herbst.1959.Trans. Aaron Moldenhauer: 2004 Reformation.

As I now—at the end of our conference—present a short summary of Luther’s theology of the cross, I would like to make clear from the start that by no means is this a definitive rendering of the theme before us; it is not even something fundamentally new. Clearly our theme has a certain relevance insofar as the old opinion advocated by O. Ritschl in his Dogmengeschichte des Protestantismus has been taken up again by Gyllenkrok1 and Bizer, and indeed also Barth thinks that the young Luther must be seen in this way. This opinion holds that the theology of the cross is the quintessence of the prereformation views of Luther and points back to the humility-piety [HumilitasFrömmigkeit] of mysticism. At the same time W. von Loewenich’s comprehensive and excellent book has refuted this understanding of early Luther scholarship as far as it deals with the theology of the cross in Luther…


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