Schave, Steve. What I Learned on Wednesdays (2010, September 15).

For the last three years, I have spent my Wednesday afternoons with a retired pastor who moved to the area near my church. He was not a shut-in, merely someone I visited who really enjoyed having lively conversations with me. He was a man small of stature, but a man with a firm handshake. He had a crooked walk from the brace that he wore after nearly dying from Polio as a child. He was a tiny man, really, but will always seem like a giant to me. He was a man of great intelligence, a theologian of theologians, some of his work carried across the world to foreign missionaries. He was cousin to the famous Chryst family, renowned in France for their missionary zeal. It was no surprise to me that he started his ministry post-seminary as an educator; I am sure being in the classroom fit him like a glove. Make no mistake, though; he was a pastor (more on that below)…


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