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The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel 

DOXOLOGY offers an innovative program of advanced study retreats to strengthen pastors for the task of faithfully shepherding the souls entrusted to their care.  DOXOLOGY provides pastors with a unique study and renewal experience, rooted in the classic art of spiritual care and informed by the insights of contemporary Christian psychology.
DOXOLOGY is a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  The primary purpose of this organization is to provide training, mentoring and consultation services for pastors who desire to enhance their ability to help people struggling with the ever-increasing personal, family and social complexities of contemporary life.  The training environment, grounded in Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, ensures that pastors will be emotionally and spiritually refreshed and equipped as a result of their participation. The Center provides a safe environment for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual and emotional health and assists them to review and enhance their professional competencies and skills as servants of Christ and stewards of God's sacred mysteries.  DOXOLOGY strengthens pastors so they can more faithfully pastor others.

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DOXOLOGY gratefully acknowledges the generosity of
LCMS Office of National Mission and other
funding partners that provides a $2300 grant
for every congregation or agency
enrolling in any of our 2014 training programs 

SPOTLIGHT on Ministry Conferences
Please note- THE SPOTLIGHT event is a continuing education opportunity for pastors

INSIGHT Conferences
Please note- INSIGHT Conferences are for pastors, other church workers and laity

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Dr. John W. Kleinig
Adelaide, Australia

August 11/12, 2014
Chiara Center
Springfield, Illinois

August 14/15, 2014
Lindenwood Retreat Center

Donaldson, Indiana

Grand Reunion
August 1 - 3, 2014 
Oblate Renewal Center
San Antonio, TX

2014 Training Program Venues


Gathering              June 29 - July 2, 2014
Malvern Retreat House  Malvern, PA

Encore                   October 3 - 5, 2014
Malvern Retreat House  Malvern, PA

Grand Reunion       July 31 - Aug 2, 2015
Savior Pastoral Center    Kansas City, KS

Gathering                 June 1 - 4, 2014
Lindenwood Retreat Center  Donaldson, IN

Grand Reunion   August 1 - 3, 2014
Oblate Renewal Center    San Antonio, TX

Encore                      October 17 - 19, 2014
Lindenwood Retreat Center  Donaldson, IN


Gathering                  July 20 - 23, 2014
Chiara Center            Springfield, IL

Encore Nov 7 - 9, 2014
Chiara Center            Springfield, IL

Grand Reunion            July 31 -Aug 2, 2015
Savior Pastoral Center        Kansas City, KS